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Do Air Purifiers Cool Your Room

Are you in a living situation where you’re not allowed to have an air conditioner, but the temperature of your room is just too hot to bear?  If you are, you’re probably considering alternatives to sweating during the heat of the day and trying to get by on box fans.  One option that comes to many people’s minds is to get an air purifier, but do air purifiers really cool the room?

The short answer?  No.

Air purifiers are meant to clear the air of any allergens and dirt that can affect a home’s air quality.  Especially for people with respiratory issues, such as asthma, an air purifier can provide a much needed boost to their health by eliminating triggers. 

Specially, how an air purifier works is air is filtered through and any allergens and particles in it will be trapped by ionizers.  Often, the filter must be changed to ensure that the device is still working optimally. 

To the very small extent to which the air is pushed out from the device, you may experience a cooling breeze from your air purifier.   However, it is certainly not the right option if the problem you are dealing with is a room which is way too hot.

For alternatives to an A/C unit in your home, try some of the following methods:

1)    A box fan blowing over ice

This can cool the air much more efficiently than a box fan in and of itself.  While the breeze of a fan on its own can certainly make a difference, adding that bowl of ice, or even an ice cold wet rag, will increase the effect.

2)  A box fan in the window

Usually, if you can open up your window without letting the bugs and all of nature in, it’s a good idea to put your fan in the window so you are bringing in fresh air. 

3) Get an optimized fan

Some fans have devices built in which make them much more effective at cooling a room than a fan on its own.  If you’re not allowed to have an A/C unit, this could be the perfect alternative.