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Is An Air Purifier Necessary For A Baby?

Is An Air Purifier Necessary For A Baby?

Is An Air Purifier Necessary For A Baby


Parents are very much concerned about the safety of their baby and it will always be their topmost priorities. Starting from wrapping them in a safe net, irrespective of how costly it may be, to putting them in an air pollution free environment or room. Parent who are health conscious knew that using the right air purifier for babies is obviously the most important thing to provide for their new born baby. Some air around a nursery are usually contaminated with varieties of particles ranging from dander, virus, pet, bacteria to sulfur, lead, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and other toxic chemicals. This makes air breathing less comfortable for babies. Varieties of air purifiers look very attractive and nice but they don’t do a thorough cleaning when it comes to purifying the air. Using an ionized air purifier in a baby’s room is not advisable because it could be a big risk to the baby’s health.

Air inside a room is said to contain some highly hazardous components than the ones outside according to a research and this hazardous content or chemical arises from the activities within the house.

Babies are very susceptible to moderate air pollution and they may have a risk of middle air infection and a bronchiolitis according to several studies. A study also show that babies found in the womb are easily affected with DNA damage from the air pollution their mother inhaled than their mother herself.

Parent who doesn’t have clear knowledge about baby’s health and nature assume that a baby best sleep under a quite or silence environment not knowing baby enjoy sleeping best under a “white noise” in their environment. All some baby need was just the sound of a running fan to make them asleep while some prefers a cool music sound to drive them to sleep.

While considering air purifier, look for an air purifier that has both HEPA and a means of CHEMICAL FILTRATION. Using an air purifier that has only HEPA purifier will only work on the solid particles and ignore the gaseous particles (which is the most dangerous content that damage inner part of the body most, including the respiratory system). The HEPA and CHEMICAL FILTRATION will give you an assurance that your air purifier will work on both the solid and the gaseous particles.

Also, using an air purifier with a carbon filter and a true HEPA can also be of help to your baby because it will help to filter and trap particles that your baby can inhale. An air purifier is very important for a baby that is allergic or asthmatic because it will help them with a great relief and without disturbance while sleeping.